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Boudoir Spotlight - Lena Lena Lingerie


I am so excited to announce some UH-MAZING collaborations to introduce to you lovely ladies! If you're in my VIP Boudie Call Club, you've probably already heard me ranting and raving about offering an EXCLUSIVE deal to my group members. If not, you better hurry and JOIN my group!

Thrilled to spot light Lena Lena Lingerie as one of my FAVORITE designers! Elena designs & hand crafts each piece with a lot of tender lovin' care.

I make each piece by hand and I hand-tie the ends of each single thread to make sure your lovely piece always stays the way it was meant to! I am always inspired by feminine sensuality and my designs play around the idea of hinting nudity without completely revealing in order to spark the imagination...
— Elena from Lena Lena Lingerie

It's great to be able to find great quality items like this, because big chain lingerie stores aren't always made to fit everyone! Lena offers CUSTOM sized items as well, for an extremely reasonable price.

Until July 15th, I will be offering an EXCLUSIVE $15 gift voucher towards Lena Lena Lingerie for anyone participating in my giveaway. To enter you must be in my VIP Boudie Call Club -- don't fret, it's free! In the mean time, check out some of her stuff here on Etsy! <3

Click here to join!

Click here to join!

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