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About Debra Alison


Photographer ↠ Explorer ↠ Warrior


Simply put, I'm a photographer of plain and simple love. I capture the rawness of people who love.

My boudoir photography are intimate lifestyle portraits that tell a visual story of women who dare to love themselves. Couples, engagements + elopements are just two people who are madly in love with each other and want imagery to express that special feeling. Adventure + Lifestyle sessions are people just doing the things they love, whether it's documenting an outdoor adventure like backpacking the PCT or capturing your daily morning yoga flow.

I capture the who/what/when/where/why you love from a place of love and gratitude because this is what I love.

The world is my oyster... erm, studio and I love shooting outdoors using the organic beauty nature gives to us. I like to spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking, camping, adventuring, and so it plays a huge role in my work! The amazing thing is that despite the wondrous landscapes this planet has to offer, it never eclipses the beauty of people, only enhances the people or subjects it surrounds. If that doesn't attest to the tremendous healing properties of the great outdoors, then... I may not be the photographer for you. Nature (along with yoga - I did my teacher training in Thailand) has also provided me peace during difficult times and has empowered me to be the adventurous, bad ass photographer I am today. 


So go where you love and I'll join you in the forest, the mountains, the desert, the jungle, even the sea.

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  • Photographer of just plain ol' LOVE
  • Explorer of all life's adventures
  • Warrior for body positivity + empowerment