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Visiting Family | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

My family decided it was time to visit my grandmom, who is currently well into her 90's. We all took a trip Philly to surprise her (THE DAY AFTER MY BIRTHDAY!! I TURNED 28, YOU GUYS.)

My grandmom was so happy to see us. One night we sat at the dinner table for hours as she recounted tales of her youth. I mean WILD tales. Things you just can't make up. Things like adultery, murder and even a ménage à trois! I'll save those for another day though. 😉

Debra Alison Photography Philadelphia

It's so nice to reconnect with family you haven't seen in such a long time. Some of my cousins I haven't seen since I was a kid. And now they've got kids of their own!

We're a crazy bunch.





While visiting family, a friend I met in Vietnam, then in Taiwan, and just happened to be visiting her family in Philadelphia as well! It's such a serendipitous chance that we've kept running into each other all over the world. Christina drove nearly two hours to meet me and explore the history rich city of Philadelphia!

Christina, her boyfriend Matt & I explored Vietnam together and even met up again in Taiwan a month later. They've moved to New Zealand since I last saw them both and it looks like Australia is their next stop!

They're seriously the best.

They're seriously the best.

It just so happens that Christina's best friend moved from Philadelphia to San Diego recently, so I'll be seeing her NEXT WEEK. Serendipitous, I'm telling you.