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Pinterest & your DREAM session



So, you have a boudoir session coming up and you're not quite sure what look you like best. Aside from trusting in your photographer to know that he/she knows exactly what to do and how to make you look your absolute best, you still want to practice some moves in the mirror!

Here's a few tips on how to use your Pinterest boards to collaborate with your photographer and to inspire yourself to step out of your comfort zone!

1. If you're not on Pinterest, get on there now! Seriously, it's pretty awesome and there's almost nothing you can't find on there for inspiration and ideas....for more than just photography!

2. If you're a Pinterest veteran. you probably know all about secret boards and how to use them, but, in case you're not, this is a great tool from Pinterest that will help you create an inspirational board that nobody else can see unless you give them permission. When you sign on to Pinterest, you have the option to create a new board and you can make that board secret by clicking the little button (by the arrow!). You can also add in the name of your photographer once you are following them on Pinterest so that they have the ability to see what you are putting on your board. This will come in extremely handy, especially if you have difficulty explaining the style that you like to your photographer, they can see exactly what you like!

Don't forget to add me your your board!  Click here to add me!

Don't forget to add me your your board! Click here to add me!


3. Your photographer will also have the ability to pin images to your board with suggestive ideas for clothing or accessories if they choose to do that for you. If not, you can find not only a lot of great ideas on what type of accessories you may want to have for your session, but, the images link to the original post of the image, so you can most likely find out how to buy that item online!

4. Don't forget about your hair and makeup!! I know when I go to the salon with an idea in my head for a color or style, it's extremely hard for me to explain it to my stylist. When you use your pinterest board, you can search for just the right style and makeup application that you want for your shoot and then your stylist can work with you to get a look similar to that for your own session.

5. Never underestimate the power of social media and how it can really be used to communicate with other people aside from family.  You can even choose to share your board publicly and with the VIP Boudie Call Club! If you don't already know about it, it's a private group for women only, who have had session or would like to schedule a session with D. Alison Photography! If you're ready this, you are more than welcome to join my group HERE.

Step outside your box, find something that speaks to you, that moves you, that inspires you....and go for it!!!