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Gone Fishin'


This morning, we woke up to find our pet fish dead. He was a gold gourami that we just called Gourami. We got our Gourami about 4 years ago along with several others like crabs, shrimps, tiger barbs and Midas, our golden apple snail to match Gourami. Though out all the moves we had, a lot of fish didn't make it, but Gourami did! We built him a lego tree house and he we occasionally "sit" on the lego bridge. Trying to find the photo I snapped of him in his treehoues, but I can't find any. :(

Even though Gourami is just one of many fish we've had in the past, I'm pretty broken up about him. He had personality, which is what I'll miss most in our near-empty tank.

Wish we could send him off on a Viking fish funeral because he was so bad ass. The last thing I wanted to do was flush him, so we decided to give him a little burial. He'll continue to provide for our plants & thus is nature. <3

If you're considering saying something to me like, "It's just a fish," or "There's bigger issues going on in the world right now," I just wanted to kindly point out that you should probably go fuck off.