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Client Interview - Boudoir Experience - San Diego Boho Boudoir

Boho Beach Boudoir by Debra Alison

Rachel's outdoor boudoir session took place all up and down San Diego beaches - Point Loma, Sunset Cliffs, & even to OB! The day was gorgeous but the tide was high and we had to zoom to OB just to find some sand.

BUTT. SO. WORTH. IT. (pun intended)

San Diego Boudoir by Debra Alison

What's your age? 26

Describe yourself using only 5 words. Bubbly, upbeat, compassionate, fun loving, tender hearted.

Rachel's session was definitely fun & bubbly just like her!

What prompted you to pull the trigger and schedule a boudoir session? I wanted to do something special for my hubby's birthday!

He's going to be in for a treat, isn't he? She'll be sharing his reaction with the VIP group -for women only, so join now to see! JOIN

How do you feel about your body & what do you love about your body? I love being strong and fit, but also having curves!

How did you feel about being (nearly) naked in front of the camera? OH MAN! It was hard, but I was like I can do this at the same time!

Did you have any fears about your boudoir session? I was kind of nervous about potential lookie-loo's at first since I chose an outdoor session, but Debra helped remind me that I would never see these people ever again and then I got over it ha!

What was your favorite part about the boudoir experience? One thing that stood out was when I had my viewing with Debra. I think so many times as women we can be plagued with negative thoughts about our body on a daily basis, wishing we could change certain things or be a little more like this and less like that. During my viewing seeing the images I thought to myself, "dang, you know what... I'm not doing too bad". I thought that was pretty cool to get a boost of confidence in that way.

SRSLY THO? I can't even handle this babe-ness. Didn't even want to stop shooting!


How did you feel after seeing the images we created? LIKE A HOTT MAMMA!

Your best advice for women interested in their own boudoir session? DO IT!!!

Reflecting back to your shoot, what was the most important thing you can take away for your experience? It's ok to love on yourself a little bit! It might start out as a gift idea for your hubby, but it is a gift to yourself almost as well in one way or another!

How did you like working with Debra & her team? I had a great time during this process! It was fun to get all dolled up and do something different! SOLID team! Loved working with these ladies. I felt super comfortable with them! Thanks guys!

Lot's of love to you, Rachel for completely ROCKING your boho beach boudoir session! I am awaiting his reaction to his gift! <3

San Diego Boudoir Debra Alison

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