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Lies We Tell Ourselves | What is holding you back from your boudoir session?

I hear it time and time again. Nearly every damn day. “I would love to do this, if only I were …” The reasons occasionally change, but it’s always the same sentiment. “I don’t deserve it, I’m not enough.” Let’s debunk the lies we tell ourselves!

no. 1 - “I’m not skinny/pretty enough”

Truth bomb: I call BS! You are beautiful, amazing and unique in your own way. PERIOD. No matter the size or shape, you are beautiful right now, as you sit in your jammies hair in a bun or in your underwear eating tacos or covered in sweat from the gym. Cherish your beauty, but also your abilities that your body is capable of! You are strong and powerful, you are a woman! My job is to show you how beautiful you truly are, just have a little faith in me and the process. I walk you through each step, each pose, each smile. If I can’t pose or bend that way, I won’t make you. Promise.

no. 2 - "I wish I had someone to do it for"

Truth bomb: This is the most common reason I get! GIRLFRIEND, STOP. You do not need to wait for someone to come along to do this. This is for you and if someone special one day gets to appreciate it, bonus. Repeat after me, "I AM A STRONG, MAGNIFICENT WOMAN AND I DON'T NEED ANYONE TO JUSTIFY ME."

no. 3 - "I have to wear tons of make up"

Truth bomb: We are a full service studio and we offer complimentary hair & make up by our professional stylists. Often times, make up needs to be applied heavier than usual for the camera. While, it's somewhat true that you may be wearing more make up than you're use to, we ensure that it never looks cake-y or outrageous. We work with you to figure out what you want and help create it. You may choose to go as light or as heavy as you wish! 


no. 4 - “I don’t have lingerie and I don’t want to be naked”

Truth bomb: I always joke and say go naked, but I get it, girl. It’s daunting! Here’s the truth, lots of my clients don’t do lingerie. I have lots of requests for sweater sessions (my fav!) or just prefer to add a little sex appeal to something casual like a flirty skirt/ boyfriend jeans. You don’t HAVE to dress like a lingerie advert. You can be sexy in whatever you feel comfortable wearing. PS - I have a boudoir client closet FULL of all sorts of lingerie in varying sizes that is always available to all my clients.

no. 5 - “I’m not photogenic / I’m not a model”

Truth bomb: LOL I’ve never shot a model before. Refer to no. 1

no. 6 - “I can’t afford it / It’s too expensive”

Truth bomb: Boudoir photography is expensive, but we are worth it and so are YOU. You deserve to treat yourself to something that will empower you and enrich your soul. You deserve to experience being pampered and feeling beautiful in your own skin. It may be an investment, but you are investing in yourself too.Just like any other business, I understand that this may not be for everyone, but anyone who wants it can make it happen. We offer so many payment options: payment plans, financing through PayPal Credit, credit cards, and the new Boudie Bank Account! (Read about it here.)

no. 7 - “I don’t want all my images to be shared online”

Truth bomb: Privacy is something we do not take lightly. Nothing will be shared online without your permission, ever! Lots of babes choose to keep their images private, but we do LOVE it when you choose to share your experience online to inspire other women. Some choose to share anonymous shots or only to our women-only VIP group on Facebook - Join Here.

Don’t let these bullshit excuses stop you from allowing you to experience something amazing! Who doesn’t deserve to celebrate themselves or even a little self esteem boost once in awhile?


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