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Client Interview - Boudoir Experience - Pre Mastectomy Boudoir Session San Diego


A few weeks ago, I received a message from Erika, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and she wanted to schedule a shoot document her body the way it is now. This #FREETHENIPPLE session was scheduled RIGHT before her surgery date, but we made some magic happen! She welcome us into her home and to capture a glimpse of her life. Erika kicked some ass at her in-home boudoir session, just like she's about to kick some cancer ass.


What's your age?: 45
Describe yourself using only 5 words: Active, funny, Type-A, direct, driven

Don't forget badass, adventurous, intelligent & BOLD AF.

We had a lot of fun on set along with her side kick, Sierra the Golden Doodle!

What prompted you to pull the trigger and schedule a boudoir session? : I am having a mastectomy soon and wanted to "document" the way things look now

How do you feel about your body & what do you love about your body? : I actually do love my giant boobs and am sad to see them go, but I'm also looking forward to the new chapter in my life with smaller ones.

Either way, there is no doubt Erika is stunning!!

How did you feel about being (nearly) naked in front of the camera? : Did not bother me at all!
Did you have any fears about your boudoir session? : Just that we might not get the perfect shot.

This is probably one of my FAVORITE shots. But I do say that nearly every new shot I take.

This is probably one of my FAVORITE shots. But I do say that nearly every new shot I take.

What was your favorite part about the boudoir experience? : Seeing the results!!!
How did you feel after seeing the images we created? : I think they came out great! In a perfect world we'd do it twice with the second time, focusing on the ones that came out the best. But it's definitely not necessary.

Your best advice for women interested in their own boudoir session?: I did not have time to go out and buy a really beautiful bra, and I regret that. So I guess my advice is to take the time to do that!

No bra needed!

No bra needed!

Reflecting back to your shoot, what was the most important thing you can take away for your experience?: I don't really expect to do this again (maybe some "after" shots in a couple of years, when everything has healed), so I'm not sure there are really many lessons learned.
How did you like working with Debra & her team?: I thought they were great! Debra was relaxed and willing/able to work with what we had. I think Debra did a great job in general. I don't especially like the "sexy" poses but I know that probably many clients want exactly that (it was just not what I was looking for). But it's ok because there are plenty of the type of pics in other poses that are perfect!! [The make up] was beautiful and exactly the "look" I was going for (smoky/sultry, natural), but I thought the foundation work could have been better for a woman of my age. (Maybe experiment with primer?) To be really clear, I have no idea what I'm talking about!!! :) :) But wanted to share candid feedback. And like I said, the look was perfect, and I LOVED how my hair came out!!! I tried not to wash it for as long as I could after! :)

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