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Cozy Indoor + Organic Outdoor Boudoir | Marie's Pine Valley Boudoir Session

Debra Alison Outdoor Boudoir Photography

Last week I shared highlights from local boudoir photographers meet up I host monthly and as promised, here are the images I captured from the event! This session was from our very first meet up in Pine Valley, California. Marie has wanted to do a boudoir session for years before I've known her. When an opportunity came up that piqued her interest she contacted me immediately. This is her very first boudoir session and quite possibly the most camera time she's gotten.

The world's been missing out because the camera loves her!!! I'm still on a mission to get her on the bodysuit bandwagon, but to be fair, Marie's choice of outfits are undeniably flawless on her! 


(Marie, I still need you to get on this bodysuit thing with me. Really, no one has ever regretted a body suit... except everyone in the 80's. But we've advanced now.)