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MUST-HAVES for every photo session!

Debra Alison Photo Shoot Essentials

Easy, tiger! It's soooo easy to get excited and overlook the photo session must-haves on the day of your shoot.
Luckily for you, I've thrown together an awesome cheat sheet of the essentials!

1. Water. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. It's seriously some hard work looking so damn fabulous!

2. Snacks. Same as above. Try looking cute when all you want to do is eat a burger and your stomach is growling through the whole set. NOT easy. I know I'm not exactly cooperative until I've eaten something. Bonus if you bring a snack for your photog. ;) (I love KIND BARS or Lärabars!)

3. Some lip sugar! Lip stick, gloss, balm, salve, whatever! Keep those babies moist and pucker up! Flaky lips are so not sexy. I love this Fresh Sugar Rosé lip treatment with just a tint of color from Sephora.

4. A compact. I'm all about multi-functionality. There's a mirror and some cover-up AND something to keep the shine down.

5. Hair Brush and Bobby Pins. Keep that fierce mane manageable! Sometimes it's windy, sometimes it's humid, or sometimes hair just has a mind of it's own. Whatever the occasion, you're covered!

6. Comfy pair of flats or sandals. No harm if they're super cute to boot! You don't want to be running around in stilettos all day. Keep comfy, look sexy!

7. Cardigan. Bring your number one go to cardi to keep you comfy, warm, covered up or for a sweet sweater session.



8. Oil blotting paper. OMG I live by these. If you're like me and have a forehead like a mirror, these are you best friends! Sometimes, the compact needs a helping hand.

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